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We are your Clarksville Mortgage Broker.  Why use a mortgage broker you ask?  We have options!  Direct lenders only have one set of guidelines for mortgage loans.  If you don’t fit into their cookie cutter mold, you will be turned away.  Using a mortgage broker allows you to shop for the best deal and qualification criteria with just one application.  We will do all leg work for you!


Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Mortgage Brokers:


How do mortgage brokers get paid?  We are paid by the banks we broker to in order to bring them a loan.  We HAVE to get paid an equal amount for the same loan so we can’t just bring your loan to the highest bidder.  It is in a mortgage broker’s best interest to utilize the bank that best fits the customer’s needs.

Won’t I get a better deal if I just go directly to a bank?  Banks provide mortgage brokers with wholesale interest rates that allow us to beat their retail counterparts on interest rate and closing costs.  If they didn’t do this, we would be out of business and so would they!  Think of us like Wal Mart, lots of options to find the lowest price on the product your looking for.  Do you order your milk directly from the dairy farmer?

Do mortgage brokers provide better service?  Absolutely!  Our lenders have to compete for our business every day.  If they are not closing loans fast enough or providing higher interest rates, we will not send them business.  This gives your mortgage broker the upper hand in negotiating the best deal possible for you.


How do I choose the right mortgage broker?  You should go with someone locally who can meet you in person.  When making the biggest purchase of your life, don’t you want to meet the person that will ultimately determine how much it costs?  You should also do a quick Google search and check their reviews.  Eagle Home Loans’ reviews can be found at:

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We specialize in Clarksville Mortgage Loans for first time home buyers. Eagle Home Loans services the Middle Tennessee and Fort Campbell communities.  Contact your local expert, Anthony Quail, at 931-896-2903 to get pre-approved today or Apply Online